Shine & Associates Celebrates its 65th Anniversary

Shine & Associates (Shine) is proud to announce its 65th anniversary! Darrell Shine, RPLS, founded Shine on April 1, 1956, in Silsbee, Texas. Built on a reputation of passion for surveying, technology, customer relations, and educating young surveyors, Shine’s fundamentals have not changed throughout ownership transitions and the market’s ebb and flow.
Nedra Foster Townsend, RPLS, LSLS, now President, began working alongside Darrell in 1981 and purchased Shine in 2004. Since Nedra obtained ownership, she has continued to lead with the principles that Darrell established. Shine is sustained and has continued to grow as a trusted consultant in the industry because of its exceptional reputation.
“If you have a good reputation for being a straight shooter and good at what you do, laying out the reasons behind boundary construction, then your reputation will sustain you,” said Nedra. “Surveyors deal in facts and must act as trusted advisors to customers of what is legal and in their best interest.” The integration of technological advancements to perform the work more efficiently and client enrichment has carried Shine over the last 65 years.
As a small business in a small town in southeast Texas, Shine has given back to its community and helped educate and pave the way for future surveyors. Beginning with Darrell, there has been a sense of duty at Shine to care deeply about the education of potential young surveyors. Darrell mentored over a dozen individuals who are now registered land surveyors, including Nedra. Darrell taught, and Nedra continues to teach continuing education seminars. “If the proceeds of continuing education seminars will fund and assist the students in the survey program, then we are willing to teach them,” said Nedra. “We don’t take any money for teaching; it all goes to the students. I’ve never stopped to calculate the amount of money throughout the years, but it would be substantial.”
Shine became an affiliate of Baseline Corporation, a subsidiary of Binkley & Barfield, in 2019 to expand their depth and continue to meet the ever-changing needs of clients. Congratulations, Shine, on your 65th anniversary. We look forward to seeing Shine continue to grow and prosper for another 65 years!

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