FM 1495 Right-of-Way and Topographic Mapping

TxDOT | Freeport, Texas

Baseline | DCCM provided right-of-way (ROW) and topographic mapping associated with the re-establishment of the existing ROW for FM 1495 for 1,500 feet north and south of the bridge over the old Brazos River channel in Freeport. This included subcontracting with a LSLS to determine the limits of the state’s tidal boundaries along the channel. Also included was the setting of panel points for aerial photogrammetry, topographic surveying (including channel soundings), and a detailed bridge survey.

Baseline | DCCM revised ROW maps to include three temporary construction easements (TCEs) and set Type II monuments to replace missing TxDOT monuments throughout the project area. Deliverables consisted of ROW maps prepared in MicroStation and GEOPAK, metes-and-bounds descriptions and parcel plats of a TxDOT easement across the state’s submerged lands, and TCEs.

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