Beltway 8 High-Mast Illumination

Harris County Toll Road Authority | Harris County, Texas

Baseline | DCCM provided surveying services for a high-mast illumination design project along Beltway 8 for HCTRA from November 2018 through September 2019. For this project, Baseline | DCCM coordinated a low-altitude aerial lidar flight for 25 miles of Beltway 8 from north of Lansdale Drive to the east of IH 45. This 25-mile segment was divided between four separate survey consultants, and Baseline | DCCM was responsible for 5 miles of the segment from north of Lansdale Drive to Briar Forest Drive.

Baseline | DCCM verified the existing horizontal and vertical control and set new control, including primary control and secondary aerial control. This control was used by subconsultant Dallas Aerial Survey (DAS), who performed the aerial lidar flight, as well as for the acquisition of supplemental survey data by Baseline | DCCM field crews. Control was set by GPS, and digital differential levels were run through all control points to assure vertical accuracy. Control index sheets were also provided.

Close coordination with DAS and the three other survey consultants was maintained to ensure a seamless and consistent product was delivered. Baseline | DCCM played a vital role in cost savings to HCTRA by suggesting one flight for the entire project instead of each consultant acquiring their flight data. Coordination was also ongoing between each consultant to ensure the survey and aerial control was accurate and relative.

Additionally, Baseline | DCCM provided supplemental surveying services in the field to map surface features, obscured areas, flowline elevations, pipe sizes, and flow directions for storm drainage as well as captured all other features and utilities not captured by the aerial lidar. A Texas811 (one-call) was initiated to have utilities marked and flagged; abstracting and research was performed to obtain latest ownerships of adjoining parcels; ROW boundaries were determined based on provided record maps, found monumentation, and deeds; and plats were obtained through research for Baseline | DCCM’s entire segment.

Staking of the project baseline was performed, and weekly progress reports were provided to the HCTRA Project Manager, allowing Baseline | DCCM to execute work in a professional and timely manner.

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