National Surveyors Week Spotlight: Edward Prince, RPLS

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How has H.A. Kuehlem helped you to develop and expand your professional career as a surveyor?

I signed on in July 2019 with H.A. Kuehlem, a Baseline Company, and have focused my efforts on connecting with new markets and bringing technology and process to an already advanced group of professionals. Baseline is one of those few extraordinary firms that I always thought highly of. The most significant reason I’ve come on board is the opportunity I have to learn from a great mentor, fantastic surveyor, and self-made successful businessman, Henry Kuehlem. Following in his footsteps and carrying his vision onward will be a career-best for me. I’m happy to be part of the team.

What has been one of your favorite H.A. Kuehlem projects to have been a part of?

Lots of cool projects! I’d have to say one of those we are currently working on, the SH 151/IH 410 Interchange for the San Antonio District at TxDOT. We collected high-resolution terrestrial LiDAR and imagery from more than 50 locations using our new state of the art Leica RTC360 scanner. We mapped the bridge overpasses and direct connectors on the ground in less than 2 hours, without stepping foot in the roadway. This data is extraordinary, best I’ve ever seen. The 3D model renderings are setting precedent for work with TxDOT and we’ve been able to cut three weeks off the schedule by using this technology.

If you weren’t a survey professional, what career could you see yourself having?

Well, that’s a tough one. Surveying is my dream career and I am very passionate about this line of work. So, If I had to pick second best? Santa Claus. Definitely. But really, I guess I’d be a custom home designer and builder.

When you aren’t at work, what do you like to do most in your free time?

A year ago we bought a home in San Marcos that was built in the 50s. It’s amazing the difference in how things were built back then versus now and how priorities have changed. I love to remodel because of the creative aspect of bringing my ideas to life. We decided the kitchen was up first and have just completed that renovation. When I’m not working on the house, I love to golf. I enjoy walking the course on the weekend with my friends, although in the summers my wife and kids and I do spend most of our weekends camping at the lake.

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